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moneymakermon.net is a listing of high yield investment programs.

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We accept.

USD Account Number: U5502616
LiteCoin Account : LdgQhsfembemn39fatZiyD3RCVTp7pUCrJ

Bitcoin Account : bc1qln5stkhnynjszylh03rde0qkmnvqlywmqf4xn5

ETH Account : 0xC5E4f489C7f140ffa874208D8A5720bD3a53CfF8

XRP Account : r9VPxHMiz86ubuWAWLRR96q4KELh5rmuVK

Activation Reinvestment Total Fee Add Program
Extra Working Plus Listing $250.00 $300.00 $550.00 Add Your Program
Working Plus Listing $199.00 $250.00 $449.00 Add Your Program
Working Listing $99.00 $200.00 $299.00 Add Your Program
Trial $20.00 $100.00 $120.00 Add Your Program